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Right now, I’m listening to… Lil Yachty, Kevin Gates, Vince Staples, Tyler TC, and of course Drake.

I’m not ashamed to admit… I’m a family guy.

I look up to… My parents, like most refugees they didn’t have the most comfortable upbringing and even though they weren’t wealthy raising me, they sure did work hard to make me comfortable. So yea mad love for them.

The person I admire most is… Akira Toriyama; having created Dragon Ball, he is responsible for a good chunk of my childhood. Bless him.

My wardrobe consists of…. A combination of hand-me-downs from my dad and uncle, and simple coloured shirts from as colour.

The last movie I watched was… ‘Do the right thing’ who knew spike lee was initially an actor.

I study… Earth Science at the University of Auckland.

My nickname is… Brobel (sometimes Iman Shumpert).

My favourite artist… J-M Basquait, I never had a liking to paintings or anything in art until I came across Basquiat, his paintings are sick.

Right now, I’m obsessed with… My Hero Academia, never thought I would come across such art. I recommend watching it.

Photographer: Jean Kim

Height 6' (182 cm)
Waist 78 cm / 30.7
Bust 96 cm / 37.8
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Shoe Size 10-10.5 US

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