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I want to be… a good Mother to my 3 children

Greatest achievements… my 3 babes; Isla 6, Walter 3 and Bo 1 – and still being together with their Dad, it’s not easy being young parents and starting a family and there have been so many ups and downs but ultimately there is so much strength and experience that comes from that, we will always be together.

I’m most comfortable in… sweatpants, tee and no bra.

I keep busy by… looking after the kids, our middle son Walter has autism and is non-verbal so my week consists of hours of behavioural therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, then housework and running around after the other two.

My style icon is… Sienna Miller especially after she became a Mother, practical without looking like she’s in ‘Mum gears’, she’s always quite modest too which I like.

My biggest indulgence in life is… a 10 minute un-interrupted shower or a sleep in past 7am.

My favourite food is… Island food hands down. Chop suey, taro, lu, corned beef, oka…

My favourite place to eat… in a lounge full of family.

I look up to… Solo parents, especially those with no support. I’m so blessed to have a really hands on husband who is a great Father, that’s something I’ll never take for granted. So many Mothers have to answer for their kids useless or absent Dads, they work as hard as I do and then at night when the babies are asleep they’re lonely, I have so much love and respect for those women, being strong isn’t a choice for them. Shout out to them, real life warriors.

I would tell my younger self… Don’t worry about a thing!

Photographer: Brendan Kitto

Height 5'7 (170 cm)
Waist 64 cm / 25.2
Bust 83 cm / 32.7
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Shoe Size 7.5 US
Location Auckland

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