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I’m most comfortable in… bare feet

Right now, I’m listening to… a bit of A Tribe Called Quest and the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack!!

I keep busy by… collaging, buying second hand art books and eating stuff I shouldn’t be eating

The last movie I watched was… Whisper of the heart from Studio Ghibli!

My favourite food is… KOREAN and chop suey and apple pie and matcha pudding and like actually everything

My wardrobe consists of… op shop stuff!! $2 rack represent

Favourite rebels… My grandparents who eloped back in the Islands! like inspo much

I look up to… all the strong minded, hardworking women in my big family xx

I’m not ashamed to admit… that Jesus is my heart and soul!!

I would tell my younger self… to not forget to bring conditioner at school camp *IMPORTANT*

Height 6' (182 cm)
Waist 73 cm / 28.7
Bust 93 cm / 36.6
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Shoe Size US 9
Location Auckland

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